Frequently Asked Questions

When was Wild Rhody started?
The foundation that would eventually become Wild Rhody was started in October, 2010.
Who are the principals of Wild Rhody?
Wild Rhodys founders and principals are Chris Brown, captain of the F/V Proud Mary and Steve Arnold, captain of the F/V Elizabeth Helen.
Where can I find Wild Rhody seafood?
Wild Rhody seafood can be found at a number of fine establishments in New England and beyond. You can find a full list of restaurants and retailers here.
How long does it take for Wild Rhody seafood to get to consumers?
The exact amount of time it takes for our seafood to go from ocean to plate will vary, depending on how late it is when our boats arrive back at the dock and where we are delivering the seafood to. Our record from ocean to plate is just over 2 hours for a fish we caught in the waters of Point Judith to a plate in Providence, RI.
How can I offer Wild Rhody seafood to my customers?
There are many benefits to partnering with Wild Rhody, whether you are a chef at a restaurant or a supermarket or retailer. Contacting us to let us know more about your business is the first step to offering Wild Rhody in your place of business.
How does Wild Rhody operate?
Read about the Wild Rhody process to get a look at a typical day for our fishermen.
What types of seafood does Wild Rhody offer?
Currently, Wild Rhody offers fish species found in the waters of, and near, Rhode Island. These species include cod, summer flounder (fluke), monkfish, yellowtail, black sea bass, scup, bluefish, and squid. Future plans call for Wild Rhody to expand to include additional species of fish and shellfish and other seafood.

You can learn more about each of these species on our sites Fish Species page.