Sustainable Fishing Methods

For years, fishermen were considered hunters and gatherers, but changes in our environment have necessitated changes in the way that we harvest seafood. Wild Rhody are committed to leading the way with these changes.

By employing sustainable fishing methods, we are working to show the industry that responsible fishing methods can be used to increase environmental sustainability and profits at the same time.

Reducing discards

Wild Rhodys fishermen, and members of the Rhode Island Fluke Sector, have been able to eliminate regulatory discards entirely. Regulatory discards are fish that must be thrown back because a certain quota has been met and exceeded. Our methods have allowed us to catch exactly what we are allowed to harvest, making for more efficient trips for us that keep the fish that are over our limit in the water and not wasted.

In addition, Wild Rhody fishermen and members of the Rhode Island Fluke Sectior have dramatically reduced discards – dropping them to less than 1%. Discards are non-legal fish (aka, fish that are too small) that need to be thrown back due to their size. By reducing our discards, we are keeping the fish in the water until they are ready to be harvested, thereby increasing the efficiency for fishermen and protecting the fish population.

Smarter nets and gear

Captain Chris Brown has also engineered a new type of fishing net to help further Wild Rhodys commitment to leading the way with sustainable fishing methods. This new net has recently been entered in the WWF Smart Gear Competition titled “Fishing Smarter -combining management and gear solutions.” You can see a picture of us testing this net above.