The Wild Rhody Process

Our day begins

Getting you the freshest seafood possible starts for us at approximately 3:30am as our fishing vessels head off from Point Judith, Rhode Island to begin a day out at sea. Before the sun rises, our nets are in the water.

Since our goal is to be fishing to fill demand, we receive orders from the restaurants and retailers we work with prior to setting out and our catch is based on those orders.

Our day continues

Throughout the day, our nets are hauled up from the water and our catch is sorted and processed according to each species of fish. We strive to handle the fish as little as possible and get them into slushed sea water (water mixed with ice) for the remainder of the trip.

Since we are only catching fish when our nets are in the water, we work to get them back out there as quickly as possible.

Depending on the day and the orders we have received, we often head back to the docks around 2 or 3 oclock in the afternoon. Since all our vessels are day fishing only, we alway return to dock each day and our catch is recorded per state regulations.

Filling Wild Rhody orders

Once we have recorded our catch, we tag it according to species within the Trace & Trust system. This system will record the date the seafood was caught, the vessel and captain that caught it, the area where it was caught and more. We will also record the size of that days catch and to which Wild Rhody partners, restaurants, and retailers it was sent off to.

With our days catch recorded for the state and entered into our tracking system, fish are packed in slushed sea water once again, this time separated to fill orders.

Delivering the freshest fish possible

Orders for our Rhode Island partners are packed into our refrigerated trucks and delivered right to chefs and buyers so they can have them on the menu that night.

For our Boston-area partners, we turn to a bike delivery service that delivers orders in the greenest way possible – by Metro Peddle Power. This approach is an extension of our sustainable commitments in our business practices.

For Wild Rhody partners outside of the RI and Boston areas, we use a variety of delivery methods, but our commitment to quality and freshness remains consistent. We have been able to have fish landed in Rhode Island waters and in Las Vegas within 24 hours. Thats our commitment to freshness in action – all part of the Wild Rhody process.